Shadow Woods Metal Fest 2017


Death metal from San Francisco, CA


Black metal from Brooklyn, NY


Black folk/atmospheric metal

Additional Info
***September 14th-17th***The best weekend of your life is back for a third year with an even more diverse lineup than ever. Nearly 40 bands over three days of camping in the woods. **SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST 2017 COMPLETE LINEUP (alpha order)** Aerial Ruin - Portland, OR (Ritual folk) All Hell - Asheville, NC (Crusty black metal) Amigo the Devil - Spicewood, TX (Dark folk) ** Bearstorm - Richmond, VA (Blackened southern death-prog) Black Table - NY/NJ (Progressive black metal) Castle - San Francisco, CA (Heavy doom metal) Churchburn - Pawtucket, RI (Blackened sludge) ** Cut the Architect's Hand - Richmond, VA (Death metal) Dark Water Transit - Baltimore, MD (Instrumental heavy rock) Dead in the Manger - coast to coast - (Blackened grind) ** Dee Calhoun - Frederick, MD (Acoustic; vocalist of Iron Man) Earthling - Richmond, VA (Thrash metal) Elagabalus - Baltimore, MD (Experimental metal 2-piece) Erlkonig - Baltimore, MD (Blackened death metal) Fiakra - Freehold, NJ (LARPower metal) Foehammer - Annandale, VA (Sludge) Green Elder/Paul Ravenwood - Johnson City, TN - (Nature folk) Heavy Temple - Philadelphia, PA (Psychedelic-doomed rock) Hexis - Copenhagen, Denmark (Hardcore/black metal) Human Bodies - Boston, MA (Crusty blackened hardcore) Immaculate Deception - Baltimore, MD (Death metal) Infera Bruo - Boston, MA (Black metal) Kyoty - Dover, NH - (Instrumental post metal) Mome - Portland, ME (Power psych rock) Nechochwen “unplugged” - Wheeling, WV (Appalachian acoustic folk metal) ** Night Raids - Philadelphia, PA (Thrash/grind) Panopticon - KY/MN (Black folk metal) ** Percussor - PA/DE (Old school death metal) Seasick Gladiator - Washington, DC (Experimental doom prog) Sloth Herder - PA/VA/MD (Sludge grind) Take to the Woods/Jo Cosgrove - Baltimore, MD (Dark folk) The Owls Are Not What They Seem - York, PA (Ritual noise) Toke - Cape Fear, NC (Stoner doom) Vastum - San Francisco, CA (Death metal) ** Voarm - Richmond, VA (black metal) ** Withered -Atlanta, GA (Black/death metal) ** Woe - Brooklyn, NY (Black metal) ** Worthless- NY/NJ (Black metal) ** ZUD - Portland, ME (Black and blues metal) ** EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCES

Sep 14, 2017
2:00 PM

White Hall, MD
Camp Hidden Valley, White Hall, MD

Various | 21+

Facebook Event
25 invited, 25 attending.

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