Established in 1990, Sapremia released two acclaimed demos in the early 90's..1992's Subconscious Rot and 1994's Existence of Torture. In 1996, the band went on hiatus until 2006. After playing just three shows in their return, they were quickly signed by Open Grave Records and released 2007's Hollow (EP with remastered demo material) and 2008's With Winter Comes Despair, plus 2009's Live Despair DVD.rnrnIn 2012, Sapremia was signed by Butchered Records and the new release, Autumn's Moon hasl been released in July, 2013. Sapremia has done several tours since coming off hiatus, in both the US and Canada. June 2013 marks the first time the band embarked on a full US tour, which included an appearance at the Las Vegas Death Fest.

Pathogenic (Ma)

Boston unsigned brutal death metal, touring in support of their latest self released EP 'The Solipsist Dream'.rnFor fans of: Ion Dissonance, Meshuggah, The Contortionist

Cadaveric Spasm

Philly spastic noise grind.

Corpse Hoarder

Philly brutal death metal.

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