IKillYa @ mojo 13



NY band on Megaforce recs. Vae Victis Spring Tour with ValacarrnIKILLYA, a band from New York City, has just released their second cd: Vae Victis, a forceful and compelling collection of heavy music building off the many diverse traditions of Metal while creating new paths of its own. It makes an immediate impression with its raw aggression and intensity, and on repeated hearings increases its hold on the listener by slowly revealing layers of intelligence and complexity.



NJ Thrash with melody atop a Throne of Skulls!

Threat Point


Groove Metal band hailing from Scranton,Pa. Dubbed as Electric City Groove Metal which quickly defines them to the unknown listener. Pulling from many influences and many bands that etched their way of playing into a solid mold mixed with Thrash, Death, Melodic and Power Metal.

We The People


Delaware County Angry Hardcore

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