Part Filth

Not rising out of, but diving into the ashes of post-rock / slowcore cult classic new jersey traditions isaac hurt, part filth brings a similar melancholy, but with a new energy and occassional ire. This is epic in scope. All of humanity came together to make part filth happen. Forests were clear cut to master hone the evolution of the modern luthier and build their instruments. Great paths were cleared, trodden and eventually paved so that they could get to practice. Fossil fuels purged from the ground, heating the whole globe so that vehicles to transport gear would be made available to them. Coal power showered us all with acid rain and nuclear plants threaten the very structure of our genetic material so that their amplifiers can pump out wave after wave of high watt alienation. Whole classes, the proles and the bourgeois, paired off and went to war over social relations. Neighbor against neighbor, labor against capital. In short, the industrial revolution has raped the earth and forced billions into the bondage and misery of wage slavery so that it could reach its ultimate apex: Part Filth, and their art damaged, often improvised independent rock, are just a part of the noise waving itself constantly away never ending looking forward to death.

Part Filth has played 1 show in the Philly area.