Johanna Warren

Johanna Warren crafts powerful songs in unusual time signatures with melancholic open tunings, weaving adept finger-picking with lilting, acrobatic vocal lines and potent poetry. An intuitively self-taught guitarist and classically trained flute player, Warren's writing draws from the depths of the human experience, alchemizing life's darkest moments into offerings of radiant beauty. Warren and her close collaborator, engineer/co-producer Bella Blasko, arrange and play nearly everything on their recordings, from piano, woodwinds and percussion to ambient soundscapes created with found objects. Although Warren has lent her vocal talents to artists like Iron & Wine, Natalie Merchant, and Jesca Hoop, she is a songwriter first and foremost, paying homage through her life's work to her personal saviors Joni Mitchell, Elliott Smith, and Nick Drake.

Johanna Warren has played 1 show in the Philly area.