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Scowl (Nyc)

Sexually frustrated grinders from the big apple


Heavy shit from up the way PA

Destruct Device

The best new crust grinding acrobats in Philly

Jul 28, 2016
7:00 PM

Century (29th and Reed)
1350 S. 29th St. Philadelphia, PA

$5 | 21+

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687 invited, 27 attending.

Prosper Or Perish

Metal with Thrashy Death Rage and Good Times

Dark Waters End

Ridiculous metal band that baffles your senses

Eye Of The Destroyer

jersy death metal!


Philly deathcore grindcore

Corpse Hoarder

Groovy death metal noise. Fun for everyone


Lansdale, PA Progressive / Experimental Metal

Jul 29, 2016
7:00 PM

2580 Haverford Rd Ardmore, PA 19003 (610) 649-6245

$5 | 21+

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1000 invited, 65 attending.


Scissorfight has a new line up...Doug Aubin on vocs, Rick Orcutt on songs,new gigs. A new chapter

Backwoods Payback

Awarded the honor of "scariest band name ever" by Decibel Magazine, Backwoods Payback is certainly out to make an impression. These three dudes and one gal from West Chester claim to make bootie shaking head nodding music with a slow and low tempo. With listed influences like whiskey, arm wrestling, and Black Sabbath, this is definitely not a show you want to miss.


Rock-Metal-Sexy-Crunk outta Bawston

Jul 30, 2016
8:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$10 pre / $12 DAY OF | 21+

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367 invited, 51 attending.


Black Metal

Night Raids

West Philadelphia. Fast and Pissed.

Bog Of The Infidel

Black metal from Providence RI

One Master

CT black metal

Additional Info
$6 - KFN upstairs - 21+ - Saturday July 30 - 8 PM

Dj Void

dark, black, industrial, doom

Additional Info
we are all doomed SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST benefit edition Featuring the art and video of Dark Arts Collective founder, NICOLE DIPONZIANO w/ DJ VOID playing an exclusive playlist of SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST artists Stop in for this very special edition of 'we are all doomed' featuring Dark Arts Collective founder, Nicole DiPonziano. Nicole will be featuring new art work as well as a video premier. As always, there is no cover but we are asking for donations to benefit a very special festival we hold near and dear to our community of artists and underground heavy metal, Shadow Woods Metal Fest. Shadow Woods Metal Fest is a multi day, all inclusive camping festival located in White Hall, MD featuring some of the best and the darkest stars in underground metal. The folks who bring this festival to life are major supporters of all things heavy and help deepen and nourish the underground. Please bring a little extra money to throw at these good people. DJ Void will be playing an exclusive playlist of the artists playing at 2016 Shadow Woods Metal Fest. 21+ no cover/donation drink specials all night

Aug 2, 2016
9:00 PM

The Fire
412 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19123 (267) 671-9298

$0.00 | 21+

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611 invited, 24 attending.

Crazy Bull

over the top smoked out hard rock


Industrial Doom

The Company Corvette.

Philadelphia. High-energy, riff-driven grooves mixed with laid back vocals and blistering, wah-wah drenched guitar action

Green Meteor

sonic warriors from outer space

Additional Info
Want to donate but cannot attend? Please check out our new Amazon WishList: Or, there's a link to our PayPal acct through the website: Project MEOW is a non-profit, strictly volunteer, no-kill, animal welfare organization that helps West Philadelphia residents to humanely reduce their feral and stray cat populations through Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) of un-owned stray and feral cats. Since more than 49% of the cats found in the colonies we assist are friendly and adoptable, we also help find these cats good homes.

Aug 6, 2016
7:00 PM

The Beaumont Warehouse
West Philly. Ask a punk.

$5-10 | all ages

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1000 invited, 56 attending.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band from Morris Plains, New Jersey. The band performs a fast-tempo, technically proficient style of heavy music popularly known as mathcore. The band is renowned for the intensity of their performances, which have at times incorporated extensive light shows, fireworks, fire breathing, and other special effects.

Aug 10, 2016
8:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$20 | 21+

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1000 invited, 337 attending.

Sick Shit

We play rock 'n roll music.

Obey The Ooze

Music you can dance to while ripping someones head off


Doomgaze. Many amps. Much heavy.


From Denver, Colorado A meager duo, drummer Abbey Apple and guitarist/vocalist Tommy Davis deliver a full backline’s worth of damage live and on record, swelling with dynamic excursions through the slow-motion realms of demolition. ORYX floods the listener with a deluge of downtuned amplification, polluted quicksand, toxic garbage and broken hopes, bringing to mind the works of Eyehategod, Grief, Electric Wizard, Corrupted and Grime. The band has toured regionally and performed with the likes of Inter Arma, Yautja, Catheter, -16-, Mantar, Sea Of Bones, Mutilation Rites, Godhunter, Mothership, North and many others, and has performed at Southwest Terror Fest, Seven One Grind Fest and more.


Good ol' heaviness from Lansdale!

Additional Info
BYOB, $5 donation, come party and message for address!



Murderous sludge from Richmond. Drenched in feedback, spitting hate.


Philly - avante-garde - psychedlic - black metal 'Cavern Apothecary' was a glimpse into the potential this band had at that point. On ‘Tapered Limbs of a Human Star’, they've smashed through the glass ceiling and surpassed the promise they showed. The fact that they're signed to Anthropic Records is both a blessing and a curse; it makes those who know about the band seem like part of a secret club and preserves their cult status. However, had this been released on a label like Relapse, Profound Lore or Candlelight, everyone would be losing their shit and proclaiming this as the best album they've heard this year. It’s simply stunning. - The Sludgelord


The suffering of man and the apocalypse of human metal from Philadelphia.

Aug 12, 2016
10:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$15 | 21+

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901 invited, 229 attending.

Prosper Or Perish

Metal with Thrashy Death Rage and Good Times


NYC Metal, Hardcore, Deathcore, Djent, Progressive

Agents Of Aggression

Heavy Metal Hard Rock from Levittown,Pa

Fatal By Design

Rock Alternative


Epic Death Metal

Aug 12, 2016
8:00 PM

5316 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA 19056

$7 | 21+

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371 invited, 28 attending.


Almost 40 Years of METAL mixed with Thrash and Progression. Has an 80's/90's metal band sound such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with more of an aggressive technical flavor. HELSTAR (James Rivera) is coming in support of their soon to be EMP Label Group (David Ellefson of Megadeth's new label) release "VAMPIRO," the latest from metal legends HELSTAR. This will be their only philadelphia area concert! Come see the masters crush Philly/South Jesey!


Omen is best-known for melodic yet aggressive power metal/fantasy metal along the lines of King Diamond, Queensrÿche, Savatage, Manowar, and Helloween; Omen is forceful and hard-driving, but they're always been musical and melodic. The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by lead guitarist Kenny Powell, who had been a member of an L.A.-based band called Savage Grace. Now Omen is based out of Texas.

Power Theory

Pure Steel Records Artist

King's Chamber

Kings Chamber is an original & cover Hard Rock & Heavy Metal band from Allentown, PA (Lehigh Valley). Formed in 1989. Formerly Aggressor. The band features members of Denim and Leather.

Additional Info
Only a $7 cover charge. Drink specials on all drinks and a large selection of craft beers! Houston Texas legends HELSTAR (James Rivera) haven't played in the greater Philadelphia area since 2011. Joining them are another classsic metal band from Dallas, OMEN. Opening the show is original traditional metal band POWER THEORY from Philadelphia/New York and local South Jersey/Allentown traditional metal band KINGS CHAMBER featuring members of Denim and Leather.

Aug 13, 2016
7:00 PM

Harper's Pub
1 Gibbsboro Rd., Clementon, NJ, 08021-4017

$7 | 21+

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829 invited, 57 attending.


Heavy Metal from San Diego. Founded by lead vocalist Sean Peck, who also performs with Denner/Sherman (Featuring original Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Sherman) and Death Dealer (with Ex-Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss), CAGE is the complete package of Heavy Metal! Dynamic, powerful, HEAVY!

Infernal Opera

Heavy Metal from Philly! Their 2nd full length album 'The Avenging Phoenix' scored a PERFECT 10 on True Metal Lives!

Crown Of Earth


Additional Info
***Bar XIII is 15 minutes from Philly Airport and S NJ, 25 min from the state line of NE Maryland*** We are pleased to announce the return of one the FINEST Heavy Metal Bands around! CAGE is returning to Delaware! The band feature Sean 'The Hell Destroyer' Peck (Denner/Sherman, Death Dealer), one of today's premier vocalists. Local Support come from: Infernal Opera : Introducing their new 2nd Lead Guitarist, this will be the band's first area show since November, 2015. Crown of Earth: One of Philadelphia's most prolific and popular, melodic Heavy Metal Bands. This show is a can't miss! Stay tuned for updates!

Aug 13, 2016
8:00 PM

1706 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809

$10.00 | 21+

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1000 invited, 70 attending.

Cauche Mar

NOLA "an orchestra of classical dbeat metal tango and Eastern European music"

Los Ninos Molestos

NOLA (The Annoying Boys) - thrashy punk

Bathroom Grime




Additional Info
EMAIL [email protected] FOR INFO

Aug 15, 2016
8:00 PM


$6-8 | 21+

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0 invited, 6 attending.


doom metal from Arkansas. Profound Love Records

Void Vision

Sounds like a mechanical lung.

Harsh Vibes

Harsh Vibes is a five-piece psych band from Philly. Their music has been described as "fuzzed out shoegazey psychedelic noise rock" and "mutant garage-blues drone", with a strong Krautrock element. Harsh Vibes has released two tapes: "Dead Collective Soul" and "Psychedelic Gin Blossoms" (both available on Spotify, etc), with a vinyl release due out in early 2016 on Dirty Pillows Records.

Aug 15, 2016
8:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$15 | 21+

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420 invited, 107 attending.


Brand new Philadelphia metal!


Heavy grooves, death metal influence, tasty guitar solos and melodic elements to satisfy your metal listening needs.



Additional Info
Alustrium kicks off their Eastern Terror 2016 tour at The Trocadero Balcony on August 18th with Depletion, Assayer & Parius. Tickets are available online and at the door.

Aug 18, 2016
7:00 PM

The Balcony At The Troc
10th & Arch Sts, Philadelphia, PA

$8/$10 | all ages

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862 invited, 38 attending.

Condition Critical

New School Ragers from South Jersey. Think Kreator meets Morbid Saint & Demolition Hammer in the middle of hell.


South Jersey's newest metal attack

Come And Get It


Obey The Ooze

Music you can dance to while ripping someones head off

God Root





Grunge Punk to be reckoned with


Compulsive Post Noise Power Sludge

Aghori Monk

Members of Dirt Worshipper + Surgeon

Book Of Wyrms

Hailing from VA, space metal, stoner metal/rock, doom, heavy, Appalachian stoner, psych rock


"A band influenced by The Ramones, The Misfits, maybe The Cramps as well. With a heavy surf wave crashing down upon them" --ThrashNBang

The Martians

We're A DIY Punk Rock/Pop Punk Band Based Just North Of Boston. Featuring Members Of Taxi Driver, Class Struggle, Lion's Share, Paid Vacation, And SFO.

The Static Brothers

bizarro spaced out drone trip hop based out of Philadelphia, PA


Hardcore Thrash Punk from Metro Detroit Michigan


It's like if Nomeansno and Devo fucked

Additional Info
Weekend at Dons and The Shred Shed decided, why don't we throw a fest where we can slip n slide and bang our heads at the same time. So we're throwing one in South Jeresy! It's gonna be a pool party baby, complete with Fireworks, food, a full camping area and a bunch of ridiculous bullshit. So come hang with the bands and do a cannonball dudes.

Aug 20, 2016
12:00 PM

Rural death farm
692 North First rd. Hammonton, NJ

$15 | all ages

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594 invited, 75 attending.

Mars Red Sky

Stoner Psych shit from France

Heavy Temple

Philly Psychedelic Experimental Doom Metal

Hex Inverter

Band started in April of 2013 as a idea between CAM & MLM. KMH joined midway through 2014. Their self-titled debut was released in early 2015 via Redscroll Records on vinyl, cd & digital formats. KJC was added in February of 2015 for live performances and future recordings. In April ADG joined the band.

Aug 21, 2016
8:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$12 pre / $14 day of | 21+

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75 invited, 15 attending.

Wolves In The Throne Room

Olympia. Atmospheric, expansive, intricate post black metal drenched in shimmering ambiance. Southern Lord Records.

Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly formed in 2009 to share the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. The band currently records original material in an occult vein.

Cloud Rat

Veganism, Radical Feminism, Anarchism, Paganism, GISM and other relevant -isms.

Sep 14, 2016
8:00 PM

The Foundry
1100 Canal St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

$15 | all ages

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753 invited, 277 attending.

Acid Witch

Dripping Detroit Devil Metal

Blood Storm

Old school black / thrash metal from Philadelphia

Bound By The Grave

Baltimore death metal

Cemetary Piss

Baltimore blackened death metal

Coffin Dust

Hardcore infused death metal. Grab your shovels and pickaxes, we're going graverobbing.

Corpse Light

From Baltimore, you know them.

Destroyer Of Light

"Good times and Good riffs!"


Members of Kommandant side project

Grave Gnosis

Florida based black metal


Rocky mountain high


DC based progressive death doom


NJ Old School Death Metal

Teloch Vovin

Occult black metal based out of New York

Temple Of Void

Death/Doom from the epicenter of collapsing civilization know as Detroit. For fans of Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Asphyx



Ghost Bath

Blackened metal from MN: Nuclear Blast Records

More TBA


Additional Info
The second installment of Shadow Woods Metal Fest. 40+ metal bands from across North America come to White Hall, MD (not far from Baltimore). 3 stages (2 outdoor) in this open air setting. 21+ || B.Y.O.B. (no beer / liquor sales on site.) Free camping. Cabins also availble to purchase. Single day tickets on sale in August. Weekend passes are now available!! Go to for all details!!

Sep 15, 2016
5:00 PM

White Hall, MD
Details coming soon

$115 | 21+

Facebook Event
1000 invited, 542 attending.


They're going to hit you with the Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses, ya know, all the good stuff! It's Metal. It's Mariachi. It's Metalachi.

Sep 17, 2016
6:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$20 | 21+

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338 invited, 28 attending.


Legendary Boston Hardcore Punk/Grind/Power VIolence


To give you an idea of how long Krieg have been around, let's put it this way: Korn's second album came out in 1996. Krieg's first demo came out in 1996. That means that when you and all of your friends were buying Adidas jumpsuits, this solo project (which has featured session members from every single black metal band you like) was worshiping death and making unlistenable noise that now, 14 years later, is arguably more relevant than ever. And unlike so many bands whose only claim to fame is that they simply couldn't find anything better to do for a decade+, Krieg's music continues to get more intense, more serious, more hateful, all while simultaneously being the embodiment of black metal and giving the entire scene the finger.


NJ grind / power violence / hardcore

Human Overdose

Binghamton Powerviolence

Sep 24, 2016
6:00 PM

Girard Hall
527 W Girard Ave Phila PA

$18 NOW $20 DAY OF | all ages

Facebook Event
698 invited, 126 attending.

Green Jelly


Dec 28, 2016
7:00 PM

Kung Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, 19122

$15 | 21+

Facebook Event
268 invited, 40 attending.

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